Techno Acustica Remodeling delivers its services in a variety of ways depending on the different needs of our clients. No matter what you need done, we praise ourselves on the ability to provide you with Quality At It’s Finest! We have a combined experience portfolio of over 38 years and use that knowledge to expend on almost every aspect of home improvements.

We provide the following remodeling services:

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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects for homeowners. Bathroom Remodeling not only improves the enjoyment and usefulness of the home, but it adds almost instant increased value and equity to both older and newer homes.

Techno Acustica Remodeling can help you in choosing the right products for your remodeling project, creating a comfortable and relaxing space for the entire family. 

A bathroom remodeling project may include replacing the existing sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet with new appliances. Or you may wish only to have them refinished, repairing the chips and dings. There can be a combination, where the tub is refinished, and the toilet is replaced with a new, efficient low-flush toilet, saving you money in water and sewer bills. We can even help you find a remodeling specialist to help you with this project.

Additionally, a bathroom remodel can include new paint, countertops, vanities, windows, vents, and lighting. Tub and shower enclosures can either be retiled, or renewed with less expensive kits. Floors, too, are often selected for special attention, with the installation of quality ceramic tile, or linoleum and baseboards. Your Bathroom Remodeling Professional can help you prioritize any of these improvements, based on your budget and requirements.

Like other remodeling projects or additions, a well thought out bathroom remodel has a fast return on investment in the value it adds to your home. Few other home improvement projects equal the bathroom remodel in dramatically increasing your equity.



Door Remodeling

The possibilities are endless when it comes to doors at Techno Acustica Remodeling’s! Whether you need a commercial or residential door, interior or exterior, you are making a wise decision to come to the door specialists. Our in-house door shop experts will custom build your door (s) to your exact requirements.


Choose the type of door you would like: Fiberglass, solid wood, wood veneer, steel, or vinyl-clad steel. Some applications, such as the door between a connected garage and a home, need to be fire-rated. We keep these in stock for you.

Insulated Door Lights: Several manufacturers to choose from, hundreds of styles. You can even design your own and we’ll have it quoted for you!


There are so many varieties of interior doors that we can’t even begin to list them all. We do stock hollow core birch, oak, and luau; 6-panel oak and pine; and 15-light pine and oak. If your interior door jambs are in good shape but your door is a bit beat up, an option that you’ll find at Techno Acustica Remodeling’s, that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere, is what we call a “match-up.” Pull the hinge pins on your old door and bring it in to Techno Acustica Remodeling’s. We’ll find a door to match and bore for your lock set and mortise for your hinges (reinstalling your hinges from the old door if you want to keep them). Even if it’s an odd shape!! When our interior door specialist is finished, all you have to do is take your brand new door home and slip the pins back in to hang it. Voila!!


Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is a room where memories are made and friends and family gather.  A place for socializing, enter- taining or cooking your favorite dish.  An escape.  Let your kitchen make a statement for your home.
Stop by and speak with Techno Acustica member’s, our kitchen remodeling experts.  They will help you plan and design your new kitchen for maximum functionality and attractiveness. They can help you select the cabinetry that best suits your style, needs and budget.

After selecting the basic cabinet layout and style you desire, Techno Acustica member’s will assist you with determining what options and accessories you may want to add. 

Your new kitchen can be remodeled around your existing floor plan. Or you may want to consult with a contractor to see if moving plumbing and electrical hookups is worth the extra expense to perhaps gain increased floor space and/or efficiency in your everyday kitchen tasks.  We have several licensed contractors that we can recommend to meet with you to discuss your needs and quote your project.  And, of course, we ALWAYS cater to the do-it-yourselfer.

We have many styles of kitchen sinks, faucets and cabinet hardware to pull your complete desired look together.

When all is pulled together, a well-planned and executed kitchen remodeling project can make a dramatic difference, both in the livability of your home, and in its value.


Flooring Remodeling

Flooring materials are more varied than ever before, offering a combination of fashion and function. But all those attractive new options might leave you feeling a little confused about what best suits your needs. If you want to install new flooring but aren’t sure what kind, we will try to help you understand some of the practical and aesthetic factors that should influence your decision. Techno Acustica Remodeling’s is happy to provide information about flooring products, color selection, pattern, installation, comparison and care.


Storm Doors

Storm doors come with combinations of screen and glass panels. Many have removable panels that can be changed depending on the season. Along the bottom, most doors have a sweep — one or more flexible strips designed to keep moisture, dirt and outside air from entering your home.
If security is a concern, look for a model with protective grilles and deadbolt locks. Certain brands of storm doors have more security features than others.Before you buy a storm door, check its components in the store. 


Windows Remodeling

All our windows are of superior quality, utilizing exacting manufacturing standards and an attention to detail you’ve come to expect from Techno Acustica Remodeling’s with such a rich tradition of craftsmanship. The result is quality and performance that stand up to the extreme weather conditions Michigan is known for… because when nature is at its worst, we’re at our best. Replacing windows requires working within a specific set of criteria and parameters. With Techno Acustica Remodeling’s windows, however the criteria for high quality is always the same.


Having a Home Remodeling problem?

Having a Home Remodeling problem? Don’t worry when you have Techno Acustica here. Inform us about your Home Remodeling problems, We will solve it with everything we got.