About Us

Techno Acustica Remodeling was created by professional people with the thought in mind that the homeowner today needs a professional, reliable, and trustworthy contractor to handle their home improvement needs.We truly believe that adding value to our services is something that can not be compared to a price. We are not an economy grade company. We provide you value added services and items that can not be compared to our competitions price. Anyone can undercut a quote, but you will never know what they are sacrificing in order to do that, until its too late. A repair on a new roof will always cost more than having it done right the first time, if not only in the added headache alone. We stand behind our workmanship and reputation. We only provide high quality work and materials.

We are Professionals serving Professionals!

There are literally hundreds of companies out there today lending to the idea that anyone can remodel or repair your home. Unfortunately, per many of our experiences this just is not the case. We rely on our Neat, Professional, and most importantly Knowledgeable image to set us far apart from the rest. We are raising the bar for the home improvement contractors and our competitors don’t like that!
Our company relies on our image. The bottom line is if you won’t refer us to your friends and relatives than we are not doing our job properly. We need your referral and most importantly your satisfaction!

Why Choose Us

If you’ve checked the phone book we’re sure you’ve seen the pages upon pages of roofers, siding contractors and repair specialists there are to choose from, how do you pick one or more importantly why would you pick us?
Simply put, we are professional, from beginning to end. From our initial visit through every stage of construction. When is the last time you received a customer satisfaction survey from a roofer?
Not only will you not have a problem letting one of our well-dressed professional consultants into your home. But our demeanor will tell you from the very beginning.We are the right choice for your project!


Having a Home Remodeling problem?

Having a Home Remodeling problem? Don’t worry when you have Techno Acustica here. Inform us about your Home Remodeling problems, We will solve it with everything we got.